Shubham conquers Strait of Gibraltar

Still on a high after his English Channel success on August 4, Nerul swimmer Shubham Vanmali conquered the shark-infested Strait of Gibraltar from Spain coast to Morocco. He did it in a record timing of three hours and 16 minutes. He celebrated his second triumph on Independence Day. Vanmali is the first Navi Mumbaikar to have achieved both the feats in his debut attempts.

Shubham crosses the English Channel

Shubham Vanmali, 18, braved all the odds to cross the English Channel. Shubham started the swim on Monday at 3.25 am from Dover in England and reached French coast Calais at 4.07 pm. He took 12.42 hrs to complete the swim and he achieved the fastest time in the tide among the Channel Swimming Association (CSA).

The English Channel crossing from Dover in England to Calais in France is an internationally recognized and popular long distance swim event. It is an important milestone in the conquest of the seven seas' crossings in the world. This swim is particularly difficult to conquer owing to the biting cold, unpredictable weather conditions and a constantly changing tidal pattern.